当初、一戸建ての住居兼美容室の御要望を聞き、お客が入りやすい1階の路面を美容室とし、2階を住居とするのが良いかと考えたが、東側に心地よい公園があったため、あえて2階を美容室とし、 公園の緑を見下ろせるような計画とした。そのため、2階の美容室まで心地よく上がってもらうよう、段差のゆるい階段を、あえて曲がりくねらせて配置し、緑に囲まれたテラスを段々と上がってもらう動線を提案した。店内は光が入り込む明るい空間で、ウェイティングスペースでは公園の緑を眺めながら施術を待つことができ、トップライト下、エバーフレッシュの大木の周囲にカットブースを設けた。ヘッドスパは公園側の木サッシを全開放し、緑を感じながら施術が受けられ、2つの個室に配したボディスパは、落ち着いて施術が受けられるようにデザインした。外観は1階の住居スペースの存在感を消すために 、2階部分を外に張り出したデザインとし、まるで、テラスが段々と積み重なっているかのようなデザインを試みた。どこにいても、緑を身近に感じられる心地よいサロンになったように思う。

Beauty salon in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture.

At first, we heard the request for a detached house and beauty salon, so we thought it would be better to use the first floor as a beauty salon and the second floor as a residence, but since there was a pleasant park on the east side, we proposed the second floor as the beauty salon.We was planned to be a beauty salon overlooking the greenery of the park. For this reason, we proposed a line of flow in which the gently sloping staircase is deliberately arranged in a meandering manner so that visitors can climb up to the beauty salon on the second floor in a step-by-step fashion on the terrace surrounded by greenery. The inside of the store is a bright space where light enters, and in the waiting space you can wait for the treatment while looking at the greenery of the park, and under the top light, we set up a cut booth around the big Everfresh tree. The wooden sashes on the park side are fully open for the head spa, allowing you to enjoy the treatment while feeling the greenery. In order to eliminate the presence of the residential space on the first floor, the second floor was designed to protrude outside, and we tried to create a design as if the terraces were stacked one on top of the other. I think that it has become a comfortable salon where you can feel greenery close to you wherever you are.