S building


以上から、3つの機能が縦に分かれていても、開放的な縦導線によって、コミュニケーションが取れ、スタッフの間に会話が生まれ、 会社の生産性をより高める事ができる。

Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka.

A three-story steel-framed office building.
The client is a stage equipment company, and they wanted a building with high ceilings (they are used to high ceilings for stages) and an innovative design.
The company’s functions are divided into three: “making,” “thinking,” and “meeting,” which are stacked on each floor.
Imagine the curtain opening on a stage, and the building itself is designed to look like three boxes stacked on top of each other.
The three boxes are then shifted slightly apart, and stairs and vertical EV lines are installed where the boxes overlap, allowing the light from the rooftop skylight to be guided to the first floor.
Even though the three functions are divided vertically, the open vertical lines allow communication and conversations to occur between staff, further increasing the company’s productivity.
The exterior is made of a steel frame, and the upper floors from the second floor are cantilevered out toward the street, making it look as if they are floating toward the street.