Okayamakobo CAFE

Reclaimed woodと呼ばれる、再生利用された古木をカウンターの腰に用い、床、壁はモルタル、カウンター天板もモルタルのイメージとした。

Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture.
The client wanted to renovate and open a space that was previously used as a pizza shop to the right of the entrance to Okayama Kobo’s main store (bakery) into a cafe.
We envisioned that customers would first purchase bread at the main bakery and then purchase a drink at the cafe.
After multiple meetings, we decided on a design that was a reverse import of Okayama Kobo’s Anaheim store (designed by our company).
The Anaheim store has an exterior design with white exterior walls decorated with moldings, and the interior was designed to give the impression of a cafe being built inside a warehouse, making use of the existing structure.
To express this sense of openness, the existing ceiling was removed and the ceiling height was raised as much as possible.
By doing so, the wall in front of the cafe was made taller, and the height could be utilized for the menu and displays on the wall.
Reclaimed old wood, known as reclaimed wood, was used for the base of the counter, and the floor and walls were made of mortar, with the counter top also designed to look like mortar.