Okayamakobo bakery&cafe Honolulu




カウンターの腰はOld antique plankという、厚みのある古材を用いて、厚みを交互にして積層させて立体感をつけた。パンで製作した時計がディスプレイされたパン厨房は売り場と一体になり、店内全体に賑やかな雰囲気を生んだ。

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

The Honolulu store project started when a customer who had seen Okayama Kobo’s Anaheim store requested that the bakery be opened in Hawaii as well. The customer wanted the spatial image of the Anaheim store to be expressed in the Honolulu store.

In the area that was originally a Starbucks, the kitchen, counter, and sales floor were roughly located in the same places as possible in order to utilize the existing piping. This allows the kitchen to be clearly seen from the counter, and as a result, customers can see the bread being made right in front of them when they purchase it.

The lower part of the counter is made of thick old antique plank, which is layered in alternating thicknesses to create a three-dimensional effect. The bread kitchen, where clocks made from bread are displayed, is integrated with the sales floor, creating a lively atmosphere throughout the store.